VOTE “SARGE” HALL seat #1 ***AUG 29th*** “Same Great Vision, Strong New Direction”…ONE LIFE…ONE CITY…ONE BEACH


Greetings: Citizens, Constituents, Family, Friends & The Kids of Atlantic Beach….Thank You for visiting my “Camp Pain” site…I Hope that You will find out a little more about Me and My Motivation, Hopes, Goals and Intentions for pursuing public office again… ONE BEACH!!!

My Roots are first generation settlers (early 1900’s) who owned property (built 1st Church in AB New Friendship Baptist Church) and worked for Henry Flagler and the East Coast Railroad, as well as working with and personal friends of (Harcourt Bull 1st Mayor of AB) the Bull Family. Respectfully, The Founding Fathers and Pioneers of the Incorporation and Development of Atlantic Beach & Manhattan Beach (City of Atlantic Beach/Mayport Naval Station Today).

I attended Atlantic Beach Elementary and graduated a Senator from Fletcher Sr. High,  I studied Digital Media at Florida State College before receiving my degree in Theater Arts from Santa Monica College, California. During my Service as a Soldier (Retired Sergeant) in the U.S Army, I traveled to many places both foreign and stateside, Defending & Protecting the Freedoms, Rights and Property of Others,  but there was never such a place like AB, My Hometown, Pablo Island.  The Hidden Jewel of  America’s First Coast, perfectly situated between the Great Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River (Intracoastal Waterway) the only other river to flow backwards besides the Nile River in the World.

As a Native Son, Veteran, Statesman, Advocate and Media Fitness Personality, I was taught to always Exercise & Understand and have Grown to Appreciate Even More the Values of Duty, Honor, Unity,  Respect, Loyalty, Selfless Service & Being Proactive!

Giving Back to My Community is Always In My Heart!

I have the Experience, Understanding and Willingness to Learn & Lead from the front and Understand how Power often times Corrupts those who have Special Interests and Personal Agendas, other than the People & The City Collectively.  Accountability, Oversight & Transparency are Paramount to the Success of any Citizen Government Relationship. I want to Bridge the Communication Gap between The City, The Commission and The Citizens!  I want to Protect & Serve Your *VOICE *RIGHTS *TAX$$$ *PROPERTY *FUTURE *CITY… Your KIDS OVER PROFITS!!!

My Vision Is Our Vision Shared! We Should All Safely Be Able To:  LIVE, WORK, PLAY & BEACH TOGETHER! Our City is uniquely and geographically placed in a Coastal Island area of Florida’s Historical First Coast, along the newly designated A1A Ocean Islands Trail Scenic Highway. Our Beach region including Mayport Fishing Village founded in *1562 and the center piece of the A1A Island Ocean Trail…the St. Johns River Ferry, are all Richly Blessed in American/World History, Culture, Outdoor Recreation and a abundance of Fresh Florida Atlantic Seafood!

“Making AB Great Even More”… It is my Goal and Sincere Intent to Help Move Our City Forward Proactively with the Team Work of the Commissioners’ and Citizens:  Collective,  Creative, Cooperative Community driven platforms, that includes your Issues, Input & Involvement.  Our City plays host to awesome Events, Restaurants and Local Shops currently, but there is a Strong need to help Grow and Support the Business, Social, & Hospitality sector of Our City Even More. The strategic promotion of A1A Island Trail Experience and our areas Pin Point Location as a Major Intersection along the Trail, combined with Positive Public Private Partnerships, can help provide the backdrop and resources for more of an Entertaining and Social Experience for You the Citizens First… Locals, Visitors and Tourists alike. Revenue Streams from Events, Concerts, Sponsorships, Bed Taxes and etc. can help boost Our Budget & Bottomline!

AB is Our City Collectively, which means Every Citizen, Property Owner, Renter and Business Owner has a Personal and Financial Interest in seeing that the Elected Leadership Move the City Forward into a direction that Benefits the Entire Community in areas of Growth, Revenue Streams, Infrastructure, Tax Rates/Fees, Operational and Capitol Budgets. We all have invested into our own personal piece of the AB Florida Lifestyle, which makes up a Whole or simply ONE BEACH. I Want to Help You… Protect & Grow Your “Sand Castle”

AB Citizens & Constituents! I can’t Win Without Your Support! This requires a Collective Cooperative, Team Effort to Bridge Gaps, to Build  Stronger Communications Channels, to Focus on Each District as ONE BEACH, to Take Action on Everyone’s Issues Respectfully, to Steer Our City Confidently &  Securely into the Future. Our Young Citizens Depend on Us to make the Right Choices even in seemingly tough times…I Can Assure You that My Leadership & Peoples Personality along with the Elected Commissioners’ Can and Will “Make AB Great Even More”….It’s Our Time AB!!!

Community Recycling Initiatives & Children’s Empowerment Programs

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